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Do You Know The Different Types Of Small Overhead Cranes?

Posted by Melanie on June 19, 2016 (Comments Closed)

Cranes are mechanical instruments that happen to be needed for heavy work. It is actually required when there are large and heavy objects have to be moved from a place to another. It is actually commonly used in construction sites, but may also be used in junk yards, scrap yards and factories. These kinds of mechanical instruments are produced from several parts wire, sheaves and hoist.


There are actually different kinds of overhead cranes, and they all have specific types of use.

HD type european standard overhead crane

HD type european standard overhead crane


Bridge Cranes


These sorts of cranes are installed on metal beams, which beams run across the ceiling of warehouses and factories. These cranes need to have two beams, plus a trolley that travels by using it. The crane carries not only the stress but the hoist. It is additionally needed as a way to lift and minimize objects.


There are two several types of bridge cranes. Under hung bridge cranes of Ellsen operate along the foot of the beam. They also minimize the available height in the room. It can also be placed in a factory that is already built. However, these kinds of cranes are not able to carry loads that happen to be heavy, and they are generally only able to carry 15 tons or less.


The following form of  small bridge crane can be a top running bridge crane. They operate on top of beams, plus they require much space in order to move easily. The installation of most of these beams must be preplanned. They can be strong than bottom running bridge cranes, and have the ability to lift objects that are heavy.

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Monorail Cranes


This kind of overhead crane is unique than bridge cranes. They are able to work on one rail that may be installed on the ceiling, and they are able to be operated with a forklift. Monorail cranes can be operated at a distance or with a small car that moves behind the forklift.


A forklift could be used to move objects like:

These cranes may be used in smaller units too.


Gantry Cranes


Gantry cranes are advanced modifications of bridge cranes. The tracks these cranes are powered by could be mounted on the floor, and thus, they can carry over 300 tons. They may also be used to gain access to deep water. A gantry crane is usually employed to move cargo to and from docks and ports.

garage overhead crane

garage overhead crane

Jib Cranes


This crane is incredibly compact which is efficient to use within small spaces. One end of your job crane is fixed on the stationary object such as a wall. Then, hinges are offered hence the crane will be able to swivel within the room.


Wall Cranes


Wall cranes are like other cranes because they are placed on beams which are horizontal. They stop at a 90 degree angle when on the floor and therefore are stationary. However, wall cranes can go up and down as well. Loads may also be lifted circular.


These are some of the different types of small overhead cranes from Ellsen. Your business can utilize more than one to meet your needs.